July 12th, 2002



Just phoned mrph. As I suspected, it is the double-whammy bug, because he's now down with the sore throat. cyberinsekt has been having it this week also, poor dear. So that's them and lurkingcat down with the plague... I wonder how paulw, _gh0st_, ijw and drivenapart are doing?

This is, of course, pursuant to the upcoming Rugby trip. Doktor Pete has bowed out, leaving me, Jus, Jon, James, Judes and anyone else I don't know about yet, making Sunday the clear favourite.

Update: just spoken with Judes. She suggests we meet on Sunday at Browns. She believes (and anyone who knows better, please correct us) that they stop serving breakfasts at 11:45, so if people want a leisurely brunch before heading off, I'd suggest they be there no later than 11:30.

Transport: Jus's car & Jon's car? Judes has her car if it's needed.
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