September 26th, 2002



Jus took the marked-up PDFs to work yesterday. Mark was very grateful, and the corrections were made, and the revised PDFs are the ones that will be printed. That makes me happy.

I keep returning in my mind to the discussion griffen and I had a week or so ago about whether writing's an art or a craft.

Today I go to see my new orthopaedics person.... no, no surely, not! I can't believe 'orthopaedics'. I'd have to construe that as from orthos, 'straight', and pais, 'boy'. I don't wanna be a straight boy! Surelysurely it should be spelled 'orthopedics', from orthos and pous, 'straight foot'. Surely. Lexicogremlins, fail me not! but I look at the letter and see 'ORTHOPAEDIC DEPT, BLOCK B, C&W'.

Oh well, straight boys here I come... I guess I'd better go buy some beer :)
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Hm. Not an easy decision...

So, new orthopaedics guy seen, prodded and poked by - ow - and...

Hm. "Some of your symptoms don't make medical sense." Oh, pardon me for not being a textbook case. You ask me if doing x hurts, and I answer yea or nay; I don't bone up on what should and shouldn't happen to make your life easy. I'm the expert on how my body works, Mister Consultant, Sir.

"Like flinching when I just touch your skin." Uh, right. When doctors touch me there, it's usually followed by either a sharp poke or an even sharper pointy thing, and you wonder why I flinch?

But these are small beer (it does seem to be a beer reference day today, somehow). He's prepared to take me on if and only if I stop seeing Dr Walker, my pain bod. Apparently he thinks it's not a good idea for me to be being seen by two consultants at once. Asking me to make a snap decision there and then seems... hm. You know.

Plus points for Dr Walker: he's gentle, he understands how my pain works, the treatments he's giving me are at least maintaining my level of discomfort. I've been seeing him for four years now, and I get on just fine with him.

Plus points for Mr Shergill: He's said "I think I can do something for you, whether it's surgery, more injections, or whatever."

That's it. Someone I trust, against someone who offers more hope.

Still, I have breathing space. He's not going to touch me until I've had another MRI, which'll take about a year for me to percolate up the list, so we've agreed I'll continue seeing Dr Walker at least until I've had the scan.

I ought to be feeling happy. Why do I just feel awful instead? I think I could do with some sleep.
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