November 3rd, 2002



*smells inexplicable cooking smells*

*wanders downstairs*


Note to self: ensure gas on stove is turned off before getting caught up in writing. That's now a hot chili in more sense than one.

Polite request to Muse: any chance of doubling as a kitchen timer?
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I really do love him... but why? ;)

Jus is actually finally on his way home now. I've just called him, and he's just passing Hinckley (south of Leicester), so he's about half an hour from home.

*readies the spanking from Griff* :D

The rice will be just nicely done and ready for him to arrive. This is good. *nods cheerfully*
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So this one's doing the rounds now... I stole this from abiku who stole it from queenofstripes who stole it from several people who stole it from numerous other people... it seems to garner a good mix of things I already know, things I've never heard of, and (of course) a few things I wouldn't give houseroom to, but then de gustibus and all that.

Ok, here's how this works. Think of anywhere between one and three bands, books and movies that you like or think that people should be familiar with. Obscure or indie ones are preferred, although not required (in other words, most people have seen, say, Fight Club, so mentioning it probably won't benefit them even if you really liked the movie). Add your lists on top of the one(s) below, along with a link to your journal, and post it along with this text. Remember to use <lj-cut> if it gets too long.

Bands: Gryphon, Laurie Anderson, Bill Nelson
Books: Taking Off: an anthology of parodies, send-ups and imitations, edited by Tim Dowley; Cosmicomics, by Italo Calvino; My Family and Other Animals, by Gerald Durrell (all of his books, actually)
Movies: Drowning by Numbers (Greenaway); The Garden (Jarman); L'Age d'Or (Buñuel)

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Things to do

1) Laundry
1) Shopping: not gonna happen
3) Maybe go and see B&K&the kids
2) Write more SD: done some thinking, at least
3) Finish off Choir 3 for SinA: maybe one more stave before I sleep
4) Start catching up on reparo: *sigh* Not a chance :(
7) Check crucial plot point for Conclave

Of course, none of this will get done if I don't stop thrashing the computer at Senet.

Update: not exactly a shining level of accomplishment, yes?
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Karen really isn't well. Strep throat at a minimum, possibly parotitis. She'll be at home alone (well, home with Alicia, but where's the difference?) so I'm going to have to ask Jus if he can drop me over here in the morning (eeeee! 6:40am at the latest so Jus can park his car at the local station and catch a train down to London for his training day) so I can look after her, pick the kids up from school in the afternoon, feed them and so forth.

She's on antibiotics, so I'm not dreadfully concerned, but if she's no better by Tuesday I'm going to insist that she goes to her doctor again, on the grounds that the organism's probably penicillin-resistant.

Progress on just about everything will be perforce slow. Tuesday's Tamar Day - assuming Karen's well enough to get me transport home in the afternoon, otherwise I'll be missing Tamar to look after her then, too.
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