November 6th, 2002


Question Time: Discover me!

Several people have said, in response to my recent posts and elsewhere, that they don't know me very well and would like to know more.

I admit that that surprised me, because although I do have a deep core of privacy, there are truly very few things about which I won't be completely forthright. Tonight I was showing a friend how to set up his LJ (hello giantpanda, by the way!), and I noticed that despite my Interests being pretty well indicative, I've actually left my Mini-Bio reading "THIS SPACE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK". I actually just put that in as a space-saver when I was setting myself up.

Time for this to change. I will be putting in my Mini-Bio such facts as can be elicited by the questions you ask here. If you want to know something, ask the question. I promise that I'll answer anything that I know the answer to, save that I won't invade other people's privacy in the answers. I'm doing this as a kind of public challenge, because it provides me with the right kind of incentive: and, to be honest, I'll be interested to see what kind of picture is built up only from the answers to the questions I'm asked.

Ask away, as many questions as you like. This is kind of exciting. Maybe it'll become a meme.
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No, this is ridiculous!

Food first, drugs second, LJ third. I have to remember this.

Just remembered I haven't eaten for over 24 hours. Bad Kay, No Bisc... um. That can't be right.

Off to eat.
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