November 23rd, 2002



No matter how mad I think a lot of the stuff from the Extropians is, sometimes it would be nice to download my consciousness into something that didn't hurt.

Just for a while.

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Thankyou to everyone who sent good thoughts and healing vibes to me last night. I can't say I'm cured, but I was well enough to get into town today, so I now have library books and food, which is all to the good.

So, what has it got in its bookbagginses, my precious?

Three Candace Robb "Owen Archer" mysteries: The Lady Chapel, The Riddle of St Leonard's and The Cross-Legged Knight; a Michael Jecks: Squire Throwleigh's Heir; a Paul Doherty: Murder Wears a Cowl; the first Patricia Cornwell "Kay Scarpetta" novel, Post-Mortem - I've read all the others but never managed to get hold of that one before; Sandra Scoppettone's Everything You Have Is Mine; and an anthology of The World's Worst Poetry, edited by Stephen Robins. That should keep me amused for a few days.

Veg shopping in the market was good: I picked up 5.5lb of capsicums for £1, as opposed to the 70p/lb they were going for generally. Time to prep and freeze lots tonight.

Now all I have to do is to get my back calmed down again :)
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