December 5th, 2002


Wow, I slept well last night.

Got to bed shortly after the last post (I made vegetable rice for Jus, since I already had cooked rice and a packet of vegetable soup mix in the cupboard - yeah, so I use soup mix to cook with occasionally, got a problem with that?) and read a couple of chapters of Diana Wynne Jones' Deep Secret, which seems really good so far, and then fell asleep. So asleep I didn't really notice Jus grabbing a quilt and going to sit on the loo for several hours, poor baby - his bug is now manifesting as some kind of gastrointestinal distress. I tried to persuade him he was far too ill to go to work today, never mind that he's probably infectious and therefore irresponsible for going ("BUSINESS ISP INCAPACITATED BY TUMMY GROT" - I can see it in TheRegister already); reason eventually prevailed, somehow, probably due to reasoning that Leicester is 30 minutes minimum from here, and his loo break frequency is such that ... ye gods, my mind has just started chanting "Nyquist sampling theorem" at me, and I did so not need to think about that.

Anyway. Englishification/combat strategy mail to Vadim: check. Tea: check. Fags: check. Shopping: pending. Book reading: pending. reparo stuff: pending. Procrastination: deferred to end of week.

*drums fingers and waits for documents from Ana*

Oh, good news: Pipemedia's Christmas rota is now known, and Jus isn't duty boy over the holidays, so, barring anything else, we may well be able to get up to Manchester for Matt's NYE party! *bingle*
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Tempo question

SinA noodling here while I take a brief brain break from therapy reading, so if you're not a musicgeek, feel free to ignore.

The King's College performance lasts 11:43, which corresponds (damn my lack of metronome) to a tempo of about crotchet=94; the Kronos Quartet's about 9 minutes, somewhere about crotchet=122. I prototyped at crotchet=150, because that helped me proofread/listen more efficiently - the only problem is that I've now heard it so often at 150 that 122 seems a little slow, and 94 seems soupy.

Opinions? anyone able to give me timings for performances other than the ones I mentioned? preferences for performance of that type of piece? any authenticity nuts able to give me "period" tempo indication?

And now back to 'real' work...
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Further SinAage...

Crotchet=150 sounded OK for testing one choir, but with eight it does sound just a little manic.

This wasn't improved by my having done something inadvertent that resulted in all the voices being transposed up an octave - kind of a Tallis Hamsterdance :D

So. Tempo down a smidge, and I've tweaked the trebles and altos a little to give them a bit more standout. Ooo, nice. All the fun of being a choral director without having to cope with sniffles and grumps and one very very slightly flat alto - there always is one, isn't there?

And now more work. More more work.

imago - when I said "couple of chapters of Deep Secret", I'd stopped at the start of Chapter 4. I'm now partway through Chapter 9 - and, my goodness, I'm worrying that I've spotted a DWJ-mistake:

The last time he did it - 'Maree, for God's sake that constellation with the belt and the sword - fellow who rode on the dolphin's back - you know' - and I told him, 'Orion,'

*blink* Orion was the hunter with the belt and the sword, but it was Arion of Lesbos who rode on the dolphin!

*worries that even DWJ may have slipped in fact-checking and hopes it's merely a character error*
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