January 1st, 2003



Happy rollover of the Gregorian calendrical system to you all.

You all know what happened to me in 2002. You can look back through the journal if you can't remember stuff. No need of a year in summary, then. All there is, is here.

What now?

I'm wondering, if I could read forward through my journal for this coming year - would I?
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State of play

1) CCCS contacted and case number assigned; form to be received, filled out and interview done.
2) Mortgage arrears paid; new rate to be applied for formally.
3) Income Support/Incapacity Benefit forms got, read, twitches thereat calmed, and prepared for benefits advisor appointment at Tamar tomorrow at 1.30pm.
5) Cheque to be written for token payment to be made on advice of CCCS towards credit card bill.

Um... someone hand me a strange device? I feel a need to yell "Excelsior!" just a bit.
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