March 8th, 2003



You all write a lot, you know?

It's been a very complicated, chaotic and odd couple of days, and I'm not going to try to disentangle them in detail, so you get the Executive Summary.

Thursday: Got to BTL. Had it confirmed I have very poor mobility. Learned some new exercises, and, even better, new ways of doing some of the old ones. Physiotherapists rock! Nothing I didn't know in the anatomy class. Poolwork was amazing. There's something about being in water that does wonders to my body. I'm definitely the weakest on land, but in the pool I outperformed just about everyone in most of the exercises. Buy me a waterproof computer w/ radio link and put me in a tank of water forever, and I'll do just fine. Back home to rest a bit, then off to Birmingham for the AT evening with Don Weed, who is spooky. Amazingly insightful. Can obviously read me like a book, even the stuff I keep well locked down. If it hadn't been in public I'd probably have asked to work with him more, but it was quite headstretching enough already. Then back to Katherine's for a cup of tea, then home to bed, because knackered.

Friday: had to be up mad-early so Jus could drop me off at the shrink. Why do shrinks always seem disappointed when I tell them I don't have any desire to kill myself? Not going back to Tamar, since I have busy weeks at the moment and having Tuesday back would be restful, but made sure I was able to get intervention whenever I need it, if I need it. May also be getting a CPN so I don't have to go out and see them. Another appointment in six weeks. So. Took the bus back to Karen's. As I got off the bus, it started raining. Walked to Karen's - not much fun, with the stiffness from Thursday's exercise - but Jus had given me his front-door key to B&K's, so I knew even if Karen wasn't home from shopping, I'd soon be warm and dry and enjoying a nice cuppa. Got to the door, attempted to insert key... no good. Jus hadn't given me the right key. Cursed. Reviewed strategies. No longer had enough money to get home. Anyone I knew in the area was potentially out shopping with Karen. Couldn't remember anyone's phone number that could be any help. Got drenched to the bone in freezing rain for fifteen minutes, at which point Alicia and Natasha turned up with keys :) I've never been so glad to see Alicia! Then the rest of the day got consumed in small domestic chaoses and stuff, which meant I wasn't home until dead late last night, so went straight to bed with lots of drugs.

Saturday: woke up at 7.30 because Jus is working today to make more money. Re-set the alarm for 11.30 since I needed more sleep. Woke up again in middle of absurd dream. Got drugged, dressed, breakfasted, am here.

To do: Book transport for Monday's BTL. Sort out mail. Fill in bloody forms I've been procrastinating on for ages. DEal with everything else that didn't get done because of recent turbulence. Attempt to relax *hollow laugh*.
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