April 3rd, 2003


So, today...

Missed getting the bus I wanted into town because just as I was about to step out of the door my idiot bank phoned to apologise for not calling back yesterday as they said they would, and to listen to me explain what was wrong with their default standing order system (it doesn't prod the bank worker to add any identification/account code other than the bank account for the monies to be paid into, which is why the money disappeared from my account as expected, and Messrs Capitalist and Bastards got all whiny because I hadn't paid them - they received the money all right, they just didn't have the magic number to tag the payment to my debt.) Now to talk to them...

BTL was good. I managed more exercise than usual, we learnt a few basic Tai Chi moves and Pilates exercises, and then hydro! where I outstormed everyone!

Went to the library, swapped books. Wanted to explore the stalls of the French traders who were doing a streetmarket outside the library, but I had no money and less time, so I came straight home.

Eh, I should be good; I have things to do, but the ache is getting more than I can comfortably bear, so I'm going to take drugs and lie down to avert worse.

*waves celery at ferox, the cutie*

*trots off to bed to munch celery and read a Michael Jecks novel*

Oh, yes, I saw the first Harry Potter film on DVD last night (I know, I've had it ages, but I've been busy). Oh dear. A poor book made worse. Why, if people can make a halfway decent film out of an impossibly wonderful and nonfilmic book like The Name of the Rose, couldn't they have done better with this?

They should not have cute actors playing Percy Weasley. That is Just Wrong.

Oh well, I still have patience enough to watch the second, when I can. Back in a few hours...
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I feel fouled...

to discover, because of this name meme, that my birthname translates as "Pretty-boy Rock Thatcher".

Pretty-boy Rock. That's just so pro-wrestler.
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