April 17th, 2003



I'm not impressed, I'm not.

On Monday I made an appointment to see my doctor. 8:50, Thursday. Fine.

Jus dropped me off there this morning and toodled off to London to do Telehousery. Call me paranoid if you like, but I think the receptionist has it in for me. "Oh, your appointment isn't until NEXT Thursday," she breezily informed me.

Yarite. Except I was given the date as well as the day when I made the appointment. They fucked up. Nothing I can do, though.

As an extra (ha!) special (ha!) favour (and thrice ha!) they've given me an appointment this morning for 10:50. So I've had to walk home, and then I'll have to walk there and back again. *whimper*

Can you tell I'm really so very Not Happy about this?
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I'm back from the doctoring and shopping trip.

All quite uneventful, really. Off the fluoxetine, onto the citalopram. Some temazepam for when I can't sleep, and more morphine. Another 3-month sicknote.

It is SO HOT today! Yahoo weather reports 20C, but it feels warmer than that to me. I'm sitting here with the fan on and drinking Ribena with huge handfuls of ice to try to cool down. And this is April...

Just waiting for the morphine to kick in, then mail to answer and stuff.
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Oh, oops.

I fell asleep.

All I was doing was sitting on my bed to take my shoes off, when I thought "Perhaps a little lie-down..." - and then suddenly it was Later.

*eeps* and scampers off to catch up on the things he said he'd do at lunchtime.

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