May 21st, 2003


Music and stuff

I'm slowly catching up after my recent downtime. A few things have come off my todo list today, which is good: Bryan's CV, more book stuff for Katherine and Ana, and finally finishing the Felix namque mass.

katherinedeane didn't get either of the research contracts she put in for, one of which wasn't too unexpected, but the other - another for the PDS - was a bit of a shocker. What the heck do the PDS spend their damn research budget on, if not research? So she'll be leaving Birmingham. She's got some good job opportunities in the pipeline, and I can only hope one comes off.

Yesterday's bookmeeting was good, as I said before - my idea about moving the essentially tutorial material into sidebars, leaving the 'scholarly' stuff in the body text, met with approval, so I think we can circumvent one of the publisher's twitches that way. I've got the other two off hunting the best references we can find for the material so far, and then with a bit of tickling it'll be back with the publisher for the green light. Phew.

I still haven't got Web storage for the music yet, but I now do have a mail agent that'll let me send big(gish) files, so all the stuff I've sequenced so far is available for those who want. I don't think any of the files is larger than 12Mb or so, and most are considerably smaller. I'm assuming they're getting there - queerasjohn, did the Spem in Alium arrive?

Stuff I've got ready includes 40-odd bits of the Dunstable complete works, Tallis' Spem in Alium, Carver's O bone Jesu and his L'homme armé mass, the anonymous Felix namque mass, Allegri's Miserere mei, Sweelinck's Mein junges Leben hat ein End, my arrangement of Isaac's Innsbruck... anyone wanting stuff, let me know and give me a mail address it's safe to ship largeish files to.

pistorius, did you get my mail about sequencing a six-part mass for you? I don't remember getting a reply. The offer's still open!

As to what next... mmmm. I have a nice setting of Descendi in hortum meum sitting around. I may do that.
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More music

It didn't take long to do the motet Descendi ad hortum meum, so it's available.

And what a lovely little piece it is! Very simple, scored SATB, and only a couple of minutes long, but beautifully put together.
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