May 25th, 2003



Yesterday was another foggy out-of-it one, but today, after a good sleep, I'm feeling a lot more with-it.

Weird dreams, though, particularly for the number of LJ people they involved. In one, pistorius and mommybird and I were, with thousands of other people, in a hugely ornate circular church. I'd been drafted in at the last moment to sing a solo. I can even remember the name of the piece. The only problem was that every time I got to the end of the first page, my music vanished, and I had to look for it.

Then I was in a car driving through Europe with some other people, and someone pointed out the place where thies had gone to school. For some reason, I think I was on my way to the place where tobymalfoy and I were getting married. I didn't get as far as dreaming the ceremony, just the runup. We were in my old school changing-rooms. Everyone was wearing a uniform of black rollneck sweater and black jeans and white tennis shoes. I couldn't find my suit. There were plastic carrier bags on every coat-peg, and inside mine was a pack of Kleenex and a Mars bar.

*blink* What strange shows the theatre of the mind puts out.

Right. I'm off out now to do shopping, cook dinner for Bryan and Karen and the kids, and read some more of imago's hysterically bad book about the Holy Grail. Back later!
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Roast duck with garlic and potatoes roasted in the duck fat;
mashed potatoes, carrots, leeks in Béchamel sauce, and Savoy cabbage.

*happy sigh*
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