June 13th, 2003


Stay... out... of... the... kitchen!

I'm just going to blame all of tonight's little weirdnesses on the drugs, yeth.

1) Youthing Jus by the best part of a decade
2) Metamorphosing into a Rampante Flirtebeeste
3) Ignoring the Laws of the Kitchen, to wit: when it says "Pierce the packaging before microwaving", it means exactly that and not "Oh, forget to do it and then act all surprised"; and blatant disregard of the Wurst Prinzip, namely that one should not fry sausages when naked.

No, it is still possible to distinguish my groinal zone from the contents of the frying pan, but it was a Near Thing.
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Playing catchup

Today's the day for trying to get everything sorted, or at least set in progress, because I shall be away for the weekend. BFD, I hear the chorus; but hey, it's actually not often that I do get away for so long, and I'm going to be diligently good in avoiding the use of computers while I'm away. It'll be tough, because the T00bs collectively are a bunch of geeks - how many computers did we end up with on the network at MacT00bage? - but I Shall Be Good.

W00h00, I'm going to Oxford!

Today's hot and sunny and sticky again: 22 Celsius and 38% humidity. I can live with that if I close the curtains against the light (oh, the joys of pale eyes and a photosensitive sneeze!), turn on the fan and drink plenty; what's bugged me worst is this new allergy, which is back again with a vengeance. So I gave in, and toodled to the shop (I needed a lightbulb anyway) and bought a week's supply of cetirizine tabs. Let's hope they work, or I'll be met in Oxford with cries of "No, the HP Lovecraft fandom meet is next door - nice slime, though!"

I'll try to clear off the latest batch of Requests For Interview today - no promises I'll get them all done, mind you. I need to set a few Draco-things in motion *rubs hands and cackles madly*, and there's some other odd gubbins that's been hanging fire a while. So probably not many updates today.

ObTMI: the sausage damage is much abated. Thank you.
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OK, *itch* *scratch* a question.

Somebody may know the answer to this, or they may have a dermatologist friend (dermatologists do have friends, yes?)... I've looked everywhere I can think of, and no dice.

Why, if I scratch an itch, will some other part of my body itch at the same time? f'rinstance, I had an itch this afternoon on the back of my right forearm, and itching it produced a very localised itch on the tragus of my right ear. Poking there started one about halfway along my sixth rib on the left side of my back. And so on.

Do I have a weirdly-wired switching network in there, or what?
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*nudges Giles*

I tried mailing you the Contrapunctus to your @LJ address, and had it bounced as too big. Do you have a mail addy to which I can send relatively large files?

Comment from the current BMJ

is here.

I can see some of the points she's making, but I don't think the balance of power in the patient/doctor relationship is as she seems to describe it.

The reality for most patients is not that we want to be in control of decision making. Maybe we just don't want to feel like everything is out of our control.

Which is no reason to dismiss patient expertise and the importance of active participation. I'm sorry, but if well-informed, participatory patients stretch resources, that's an argument for increasing the resources, not for slapping down those of us who try to be co-responsible for our treatment as selfish.

The BMJ takes comments; perhaps some of you would like to talk back on this.

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Stoned, stoned again.

Well, you know, there's some interaction between the cetirizine and the cocktail of other jollies that constitutes my bloodstream - when I say some interaction, I mean that I've got the uncooordinated giggles and my feet feel like they're in big poofy fluffy slippers.

T00bers, ph33r my l33t drugg13 sk1llz. And nobody must say "stiffy" to me tomorrow or I'll die.
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Mushy peas

Due to a tangentially-t00by discussion that took place in cygnusfap's journal, I have appointed myself Purveyor of Mushy Peas to the T00bs, since many of them have never met them or only as the nasty, nasty commercial versions.

A recipe for the same (also variantly known as pease porridge or pease pottage, depending on where you come from) follows. It's my Nana's recipe with the addition of a little garlic, since she was of a generation that didn't hold with 'foreign stuff' (except when it suited them, of course).

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