June 26th, 2003


Gr argh, mark 2

it would be while I'm in the middle of an interesting conversation that my ISP - I assume - decides to go *splat* on me. Then again, it could be BT's fault - it nearly always is.

*sigh* Sorry, episcopus.
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A fairly good pain day, fresh raspberries and loganberries gathered from the garden, white chocolate, a cup of tea, and a plot bunny fleshing itself out with each passing minute.

Perhaps not Paradise, perhaps not; but very pleasant indeed.
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This may seem an odd question,

and I'm afraid it has to be restricted to those of you who've met me, or at least communicated with me via a less flat medium than text, but:

How differently do I come over in "real life", in comparison to my LJ persona? I've always thought that pretty much what you get here is what you get face to face with me (barring of course the nonverbal modes like body language, vocal tone, and so on), but I've had cause to wonder.

Care to enlighten me? Be blunt. It's a straight question.

Edit: Of course, feel free to comment anonymously if you wish. IP logging's off.
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