July 3rd, 2003


Sorry about delays

in getting back to various people, but I've been AFK taking care of my back - it's not been a good couple of days, all in all. Am doing catchup speedily.
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One of the worst things about being asleep/drugged out for so long is the dehydration. I know I should be on quantities of Dioralyte, but that makes me feel ill because I only ever have it when I'm ill, so I'm sticking with the hot sweet milky tea. In a pint mug. I'm on my third since I surfaced an hour ago, and the dehydration headache is going away, thank goodness, and I can type coherently again.

Chorus: So why don't you drink lots before you crash out?

Simple. Before I've slept it off, my guts are in no state to hold quantities of fluid. Opiates trigger Delayed Gastric Emptying in me - my pylorus clamps up tighter than a tight thing - so drinking lots (hell, drinking enough) is likely to trigger pressure emesis. And I'd rather puke when I'm awake and capable of handling it than in my sleep or when drugged incapable. Aspiration is no fun, and only rock stars are allowed to die of things like that.

So. Am catching up with Aparecium - Stevy and Jonathan have been stars, as always - and then I have Georgeness to do. Then more Draconess (have to sketch out the beginning of the interview with Dumbledore, among other things). Must also talk with Kate about the Possible Project.

*runs off to do doings*
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