July 5th, 2003


Writey goodness

Draco: Excellent not-a-Potions talk with Susan just about ready to wrap; scary "let's put a few cards on the table" talk with Dumbledore well in progress. All hell about to break loose.

George: Ron alerted to the Bill problem, a scared/resolute Diary entry, and a wibbly lonely George. avariel_wings, this would be the perfect point for Dean to drag George out of his miserable introspective shell, if he felt like doing so. Wanna plot?
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reparo was a year old yesterday. That means I haven't even been writing redheadgeorge for a whole year yet. Yep, fifth of August his journal was created.

How wonderful it is to write with good people both there and on aparecium_rpg. I've met so many wonderful friends, gone to two T00bages... *grin*

Is good. Is very good.
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