July 6th, 2003



Something nudged me to write this. Don't read it if you may get upset - but, I promise, it's only fiction. Nothing need happen the way it does here; it's only a test piece.
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Mh. Even the BBC is slipping, or is it only the CofE?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far as I'm concerned celibacy is the condition of being unmarried, or more modernly, voluntarily not being in a relationship. Abstinence, or more specifically continence, is the forgoing of sex which may or may not occur within a marriage or other relationship.

Therefore "John has said that he is celibate although in a 27-year committed relationship" is meaningless. He may be continent within the relationship, but he certainly isn't celibate.

CofEers, has celibate taken on a new official meaning, or is this just sloppy English?
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Stuff on hold

Katherine's just sent me some work-related stuff to do which needs to be done by tomorrow morning. Given it's a Priority One call, I'll be submerged and uncontactable until it's done.
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They're not loganberries

in my garden, they're tayberries. Similar, but nicer. If anyone in the Coventry area wants a cane (they do grow quite astoundingly, so you'll need trellises and stuff), give me a shout in the autumn and I'll give you one.

*wipes juicy purple face and returns to work*
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