July 19th, 2003



Much fun. Got here in good time despite the vagaries of the trains, thanks to Jus getting me to Nuneaton station. Much fun at the National Gallery discerning slashiness in unsuspecting portraits, then off to get ice cream, and then t00bing around in the park. Various people went off for theatreage, and the rest hung around in the park waiting for the almost-latest arrivals. Then back to Marysia's, getting food and a Cyg en route. Now we're all sitting around watching David Copperfield and eating chicken satay and other nibbles.

My lecture on "The Weasleys: Paradigm of the Dysfunctional Family" seems to have been postponed :D

Queenie, Ben, Michelle, Simon, Greg, Anna and many others are much missed...

More later as events unfold.
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    Ickle Dan going "Waaaaaaaah!"