July 27th, 2003


Book for a t00b?

I have this conviction that whilst at Firebolt I mentioned a book to someone - it may have been Sophie, but I can't be sure.

It's The Mediaeval Universities by Nathan Schachner (Perpetua/A S Barnes & Company, Inc, NY, 1962, no ISBN).

Blurb: The author traces the rise of the great European Universities from the Cathedral Schools of the tenth and eleventh centuries, and their gradual development into "republics of learning" that were able to deal on terms of equality with king and pope. Further, he describes the great conflict between Realism and Nominalism and the emergence of Scholasticism, as the ancient wisdom made safe for Rome. Separate chapters are devoted to the greater universities, and a colorful picture is drawn of the life of the masters and students within their peculiar organizations, and of their conflicts, often degenerating into open warfare, with the citizens and the forces of law and order. Although Mr. Schachner has produced a popular treatment of this important subject, the book will interest the scholar no less than the general reader.

If whoever it was who wanted to read it can't find it, drop me mail with a postal address and I'll lend you it.
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Ph34r my m07h!


is a Collosal Moth that can Fly, moves at Great Speed, and has a Massively Swollen Skull and Dozens of Tentacles.

Strength: 11 Agility: 9 Intelligence: 9

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