August 21st, 2003

Bi Pride

Kay's BiCon userguide

Very short :)

1) Talk to me. Introduce yourself - I have lousy memory for names and faces.
2) If you're thinking about pulling me, tell me. I'm flirtblind.
3) Generally good for hugs, but careful with that ol' lower back.

That's it, pretty much. See you all soon!
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Addendum to my BiCon guide...

If you don't know how to spot me RL, just ask someone. This is my mumbleth BiCon (started at the Sixth, and I think I've missed two so far) so quite a lot of people know me.

I'll try to ensure that I have both KAY and MHW badges, just in case, and I may have my little wombat Stig with me at random times.
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