November 20th, 2003


Ug, bah.

Never rains but it pours, what?

Bloody back's decided to start spazzing up again. It's time for a hot bath and drugs. Really doubt now that I'll get to Estella's tomorrow afternoon (now that David's back at work, it's public transport or nothing) or be fit to babysit for Tina in the evening.

Well, I'll try. I can't do miracles, though, and it feels as if it would take one.

Aren't I moany recently?

PS: thanks, Mike, for spotting the "pubic*! *blush*
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Odd things rattling around in my head...

Those of us standing outside the Elsie that night and discussing assassinated American Presidents (ijw was one of us, I remember) - why were we doing it? and what did it have to do with high-technology sex aids? Or should I just blame my drugs, as usual...

Highlight of today's exhausted reveries: mishearing the radio and thereby confusing "Ba'athist" and "Baptist" to perplexing effect, and a dream that ended with the punchline Guacamole, thou art avenged! which is probably meaningless to 90+% of you and doubtfully funny to the rest, but it woke me up giggling.
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Bank idiocy gr argh, redux.

Remember when the bank fucked me over a couple of months ago?

Well, I just had a nice (as nice as people like them ever get, I suppose) letter from the debt collection agency telling me that my October payment was in arrears. *blink* No way that should have happened, so I called them.

It turns out that it wasn't my October payment, but the September one. Yes, the one that I went and had fits about (among other things) to my bank back then. They didn't make sure that the payment went through, as they promised they would.

I'll go and talk to them this afternoon after I've been to Estella and get them to redo that payment. *sigh* I really am beginning to despair of them.
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How venial do they think we are?

Depressing reports on the BBC that our beloved government is sucking up to GWB so that he'll let the British citizens detained in Guantanamo Bay go if we play nicely.

Why do we want them out of there? Not because they're British citizens, surely, but because the US imprisoning people there, and under those conditions, is plainly wrong, no matter what their country of origin.

If the government cuts a deal so that it gets "our" detainees back and then acts as though all's now well, I shall be disgusted, though not remotely surprised.
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