January 25th, 2004



I wonder if I'm the only person to do this.

A few nights ago, it was time to put the light out and sleep. I closed the book that I was reading and murmured "Dalmatians". Justin looked at me with a "Hunh?" expression, so I felt I should explain why I had said it.

I'd closed the book at page 101, so "Dalmatians" seemed the obvious way of remembering it. "101 Dalmatians", see? and if it had been page 52, it would have been "weeks"; if 137, "fine structure constant"... and so on.

Do other people do this? I've never drawn up a formal table of mnemonic numbers, but I'm sure that I could. I doubt there'd be much resemblance between anyone else's and mine, except for blatantly obvious numbers such as 365/366 and so forth, but I'd be interested if anyone has a set of numbers for remembering things.
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