February 3rd, 2004


It's Jed's fault.

It is. It started when I read this entry of his. I just had to find out what The Rogue Nation of Translucency was.

My doing so has resulted in:

Firstly, and much the more pleasant, Larkenseale coming into being.

Secondly, reading the NationStates bboards (I'm a newbie, not a n00b) and discovering a very indirect chain of reference to this game system review. It burns, it burns. Reading the review (which is work-unsafe) was bad enough, though with enough savage humour to keep the nausea at bay; discovering that the FATAL game system itself is available for free download was much worse, and it's VERY work-unsafe indeed.

The system is as bad as the reviewers said, and worse. If it had been published as a spoof, as I first thought, it would have been funny, if nauseating. It's no spoof; it takes itself very very seriously indeed. And the author thinks that it's commercially publishable. I hope, I really really hope, that he is deluded, as well as depraved, which is not a word that I use lightly in criticism.
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