February 11th, 2004


I note with puzzlement...

that http://www.spacefem.com/love/stats.php (which shows the cumulative stats from that "Who loves you?" quizlet), currently lists as its five least loved groups:

Lawyers, loved by 21% of the participants
Conservatives, by 17%
Slashdot members, by 16%
BSD users, by 15%
Politicians, by 14%

That kind of makes sense - but what have the poor BSD users[1] done to offend?

[1] Not BSD programmers, of course. They have plenty against them: vi, the C shell, the multiplexer device (I bet nobody out there remembers that), bloating the kernel...
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If I were a Christian, I think I'd be ashamed...

As slightlyfoxed has pointed out:

The Christian Institute issues cards in the style of donor cards, alerting readers to the fact that in the event of their death, the bearer does not want their kids adopted by homosexuals.


Edit: just to clarify, just in case anyone's making a mistake, I'm not even remotely anti-Christian. I just happen not to be one. In the words of the hoary old trope: "Some of my best friends...", and all that. And I am ashamed - that I share a species with the people who proposed and implemented that policy. Just not in the way that I'd feel ashamed if someone purporting to represent my beliefs did something like that. That's all.

Further edit: Since wednesdayschild asked, I've done a little digging and the contact details for the Christian Institute are:

"The Christian Institute, Registered Charity No 100 4774 seeks to promote the Christian faith in the UK
Registered Office: 26 Jesmond Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4PQ

For more information contact: Simon Calvert on 0191 281 5664."

Anyone who wishes to contact them to protest against their seeking "to promote the Christian faith" in this way has my full support.
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A cat hypnotised me

and made me sign up for the LJ Pyramid Scheme, I swear!

mhw has joined the Virtual Pyramid Scheme and so far made
Why not get in on the act? Click here to see more statistics and join in.

(looks pitiably at galluskit)

Fear the power of the pussy, those of you with cats! and join up quickly under me so that I can recoup my money!

Meh, that hasn't improved the effects of the virus sans merci that's kept me alone and palely loitering today. I'm definitely feeling feak and weeble right now. Aspirins and bed, methinks.
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