February 18th, 2004


Oh dear! *dies* That's... *falls over*

Thank you, rfmcdpei!

What do you mean, you didn't know there was a musical based on The Silence of the Lambs? Fair enough, I didn't until Randy mentioned it, but... oh my. There's a little touch of genius in there (and a lot of exceedingly poor taste and bad humour, which is all to the good).

Jon and Al Kaplan should get an award for it. Some kind of award. Possibly ten-to-twenty, with no remission. They slew me, at least :)

Run, don't walk, to Silence! Just don't blame me, OK?
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One of those quizlets, and it actually came up with a good answer for me.
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I do like Erasmus a lot, as it happens. Not that I agree with everything he wrote, of course, but there's plenty of common sense leavened with a dry humour.

For example, one of his statements about writing, in The Praise of Folly:
Of the same kidney are those who court immortal fame by writing books. They all owe a great deal to me, especially any who blot their pages with unadulterated rubbish. But people who use their erudition to write for a learned minority and are anxious to have either Persius or Laelius pass judgment don't seem to me favoured by fortune but rather to be pitied for their continuous self-torture. They add, change, remove, lay aside, take up, re-phrase, show to their friends, keep for nine years and are never satisfied. And their futile reward, a word of praise from a handful of people, they win at such a cost so many late nights, such loss of sleep, sweetest of all things, and so much sweat and anguish. Then their health deteriorates, their looks are destroyed, they suffer partial or total blindness, poverty, ill-will, denial of pleasure, premature old age and early death, and whatever remaining disasters there may be. Yet the wise man believes he is compensated for everything if he wins the approval of one or another purblind scholar...

*chuckle* I think I know quite a few writers to whom that applies.
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