February 23rd, 2004



I'm back from Bristol where I had a spiffy time and met lots of great people. I'm very pleased with myself for having resisted the lure of second-hand bookshops, and not having resisted an absolutely yummy chicken chimichanga while we were out shopping on Saturday afternoon.

imago almost caused me to die of laughter several times by letting me discover the Framley Examiner, which I warn you will probably not amuse anyone who doesn't suffer from local free newspapers.

aldric and lurkingcat were as always delightful, and yes, they definitely do need to come up for lunch at Browns one Saturday. Loki surprised me by being - for Loki - affectionate, and rubbing around my ankles. I fear he's getting mellow in his old age.

Many many thanks to Stevy and Peter for one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.

And now? and now I'm going to finish off the main quest in Solstheim, then have a bath and grab some food, and then it'll be time for an Amber session tonight.

I know I don't say this anything like often enough, but - life is good. Very, very good indeed.
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