May 14th, 2004



Well, that's a laugh. I decided to sequence a bit more Lassus, pretty much at random, and I remembered singing his "Matona, lovely maiden" when I was at school. Lovely music, shame about the lyrics: pretty much milk and water - Matona, lovely maiden, oh listen to the song, I sing beneath thy window while night clouds roll along, and much more of the same. But, of course, Lassus didn't write in English, so I decided to track down the original lyrics, and oh my!
Matona mia cara, mi follere canzon
cantar sotto finestra, Lanze bon compagnon.
Don don don diridiridon don don don

Ti prego m'ascoltare che mi cantar de bon
e mi ti foller bene come greco e capon.
Don don don diridiridon don don don

Com'andar alle cazze, cazzar con le falcon,
mi ti portar beccazze, grasse come rognon.
Don don don diridiridon don don don

Se mi non saper dire tante belle rason
Petrarca mi non saper, ne fonte d'Helicon.
Don don don diridiridon don don don

Se ti mi foller bene mi non esser poltron;
mi ficcar tutta notte, urtar come monton.
Don don don diridiridon don don don

Yes, it's appalling Italian, and it's meant to be! Apparently the song satirises the boorish behaviour of the German Landsknechte, or mercenary soldiers, and their wretched pronunciation and feeble grasp of Italian grammar. And not only is it funny, it's smutty! *gasp* Sober, serious Orlandus Lassus, writing songs about fucking like a ram? Apparently so :D

*scampers off to tweak it a bit more in Harmony Assistant before making the final MP3*
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