June 1st, 2004


New old music available.

Thanks to the wonderfulness of misstemperance I've now sequenced and rendered Monteverdi's Damigella tutta bella. I know that she'd like an MP3; anyone else want a copy? it's about 5Mb, so make sure to give me a mail address that'll take large files.

Now I'm definitely feeling grey from the morphine, so I'm going to lie down and wait for the guts to stop queasing. I ought to be doing more writing, but nausea isn't conducive. I'll see how I feel in an hour or two.
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    Monteverdi: Damigella tutta bella

Music list

OK, I've decided to use LJ to simplify my life :D

Instead of asking over and over again for mail addresses for people who want pieces as I sequence and render them, I'm going to be keeping a list. If you ask to be put on it, you'll automatically get a piece when I think it's OK for public release. I'll still ask publicly for anyone who wants individual items, so the rest of you won't miss out on anything - this list is just for people who want EVERYTHING as it comes out without having to say so.

So far, it contains Alison, Kathy, Juliann, Griff, Jed, Jonathan, Matthew, Doug, Yakky, Yve and Kazzi. Anyone else who wants to be added to the list, comment here.
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