June 19th, 2004


And so today...

was good. Good things happened. Happiness emerged from a little dark corner. Temporary respite, perhaps, but I'll enjoy it.

Good things:
1) Lots of happy snugglings and smoochings with stgpcm before getting dressed.

2) Browns lunch with stgpcm, mrph, beaupepys and cyberinsekt. Jolliness, gossiping, o-tempora-o-moresing about friends and families, and for me the last piece of walnut and caramel cheesecake.

3) Eight books from the library.

4) While sitting outside the library and waiting for Jus, whom should I see but youngatheart? She's been phoning me, and I her, this last week and constantly missing one another, so it was good to meet. Not all great news there, but some good, and planning to meet up on Monday for lunch and stuff.

5) Lots of splendid cheese from Darlington's.

6) Not much more writing, but a restoration of the plot-juggling facility, hurrah!

7) A lovely telephone call from the wonderful kazzik, in which there was talk among other things of the need for more t00bery, folk, and barbecues and marinades for the temporally wilful.

I'm going to lie down a while, since there was quite a lot of walking around town, and a rest wouldn't hurt. If I don't see you before tomorrow, have a pleasant time.
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