January 6th, 2005


LJ sellout

OK, so who's going to be emigrating to GJ or DJ?

Whatever happens, I think that's the last of my money "LJ"'s ever going to see.
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A pretty excellent day, actually.

Tanked up on drugs to keep me mobile and pain free I bimbled into town and met curlygrrrl outside the Library. I'd brought a couple of bags of books to return, so I returned them while Ruth went upstairs to the public access terminals to check her mail. It seemed like a reasonable idea to see how LJ was, so I logged in as well and did a couple of replies to posts, and then we were off to take a slow wander around some of the older bits of town that she hadn't seen yet. One of the great things about being forced to walk pretty slowly is that you get a chance to have really good long conversations while you're walking, and we did: you see, she and I have known each other for a fairly long time from back in the soc.bi days. Yes, if you're wondering whether you came up in the gossip, you probably did :D

I had a cheque to pay in at the bank, so we wandered to Browns that way. It wasn't quite lunchtime when we got there, so we had a couple of drinks and talked even more, while we tried to work out how to load film into Ruth's new camera. All I'll say to that is that if the manual doesn't exactly lie about it, then it's at least sufficiently vague that it defeated our combined attempts. We were able to take photos later, because fortunately a twinkie in Jessop's got it to load just like that. I still think that he did it by doing exactly what it says not to do in the manual, but there you go...

Anyway. Lunch was good; then we went to find the tourist information office, because Ruth wanted to buy some prezzies for people that she's going to see later on in her trip — oh wow, I completely forgot to post and tell you all about what she gave Jus and me last night: a couple of really nice mugs, a stash tinny for me with a pretty rainbow herb picture on it, and a plush echidna and a plush platypus; the platypus also has inside it a miniature hot water bottle! I'll be using that for when I need to apply some focal heat to my sore bits. They are really, really cute!

The info office turned out not just to be closed, as Ruth had thought, but actually relocated, so I worked out an easy route to get us there, where we indulged in SHOPPING YAY!

It got a bit cold and blustery, so we found shelter under the canopy that covers the public seating area with the big equestrian statue of Lady Godiva, and then took increasingly odd photographs of each other. We were both beginning to feel a bit droopy by then, so we split up, Ruth to go back to her B&B and negotiate whether she can stay a couple more days in Cov rather than go straight back to London, and me to go to the Library to pick up some books.

And Lush. Oh yes, Lush. It's amazing what you can do with a combination of gift vouchers, discount vouchers and January sales :D

Snake Oil, Each Peach and Absolution massage bars; Two-Timing Tart, French Kiss and Melting Marshmallow Moment bubble bars; Elixir and Something Wicked bath melts; an Iridescent glitterbug and a bottle of Skinny Dip shower gel. Yummy? Yes yummy. What I hadn't expected was the smile on the face of the assistant who said "It's treat time; with that, you can have ANY TWO products off the shelves!"

Oh boy. It didn't take me long to decide what I wanted — a 40ml spray of their Ginger fragrance and a tub of Ginger lotion. I got an extra Hot Java bath bomb thrown in as well.

The thing is, apart from being wonderful treats, the Ginger stuff would have cost £35, so my Lush trip more than paid for itself! So am I a happy wombat? You bet!

I think it's going to be a nice warm bath and an early night for me tonight...
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