June 8th, 2005


The jollity continues...

Well, the good possibility is that my father has a bleeding but benign polyp in his bladder. The bad possibility is that it may be malignant - he's been exposed to enough unpleasant industrial chemicals in his life for the risk to be appreciable. There may be other possibilities, of course. The cystoscopy and scan results were inconclusive, it seems.

He goes for a preoperative discussion with the surgeon next Tuesday, and will be admitted for operation two days later.

79's not a bad age, and he's been as solid as a rock for years, but I can't help feeling kind of numb.

ION: I'm still helping out at Pipemedia during their absorbtion by Business Serve. I'm probably working a bit too hard, though I'm trying not to, but it's so obvious that my help may just make the difference between a reasonably smooth transition and a pile of rubble, at least so far as the Accounts department is concerned. Not that I'm doing anything really important, but my obedient hands free the people who need to be doing the thinking from interruption and drudgework. And they're really good people to work with.

It's not that I'm much less depressed or in much less pain, but while I can do this it's turning out to be a useful form of distraction from both unpleasantnesses. At least I get exhausted enough to sleep soundly without drugs most of the time.

Mum's continuing to improve. 'Leaps and bounds' is quite the wrong image, but she's definitely doing well.

The library have kindly obtained the book with the Scottish Mass scores in via interlibrary loan for me until the 28th. I should have everything that I need copied or input from it by then. For those of you who were confused by my loose reference to it, it's actually Musica Britannica XV — Music of Scotland 1500 - 1700.

I've given in and ponied up for a permanent account on LJ. It's not so much that I think I'd ever not be able to afford at least a few months of paid account at a time, or that I really really want 100 userpics, but a way of saying thanks to the LJ folk who've unwittingly blessed me with so many good and much-loved people. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you.
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