October 25th, 2005


Extended RP fun!

mrbear's been running, yesterday and this evening, a really great off-the-cuff RP game for me, mrph, jambon_gris and tonight lostdreamer666 as well. We have brainjacked assassins, a vodka-fueled tabloid journalist, something that may be cultic murders of random people that may have been going on for more than 150 years or something perhaps much worse, a leather-coated Turkish hitman, three AIs which may or may not exist, a secretive group of AI Liberationists, a harpsichord-playing officer of the UN's Protocol Police, some highly effective Russian prostitutes, a scary US theocratic government, mysterious packages attached to various things, rather strained meetings in Brussels, an ex-military cyborg with an attitude problem and exquisite motor control, and loud choruses of "Womanflesh!" from the peanut gallery. And that's just the first two sessions.

It's really rather good.
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O, it is monstrous, monstrous!

I just saw a post by a friend of mine in which he'd inadvertently mistyped 'Shakespeare's The Tempest' as 'Shakespeare's The Temptest'. Now that would be an amusing play. As I replied to him, it no doubt concerns a cheerful young thing fresh out of college starting work as a temporary book-keeper for a crusty old gent called Mr Prospero who has a reputation for breaking his staff...

Time for bed!
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