February 10th, 2006


*happy smile*

So I was sitting here feeling mopey and waiting for the drugs to kick in, when the 'phone rang.

It was Jus, to tell me that he was safe and sound in London, that everything was going well, and that he loves me very much.

I am lucky beyond belief.
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Is poor exegesis better than none?

I'm currently in the middle of trying to explain to some friends that the recent problems with depictions of the Prophet Mohammed aren't a matter of "Islam being weird", but are related to similar concerns with depictions of living things in Judaism and in Christianity. This is making me feel uncomfortable. With every word I write I'm acutely aware that I don't know enough, that I may be (and probably am) grossly simplifying, using weak reasoning, and so on. But it's the best that I can do.

I have Muslim friends who could almost certainly do a better job than I'm doing, but they're not on LJ, nor am I likely to be able to ask them for better info any time soon. So am I being arrogant in thinking that a little explanation, even if it isn't up to scholarly standards, has to be better than nothing?
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And so now I'm back from town

I wasn't really feeling up to doing much today, but my prescriptions needed to be refilled within a week, so I thought that I might as well make the effort. I'm glad that I did, because it turned out to be an extremely pleasant Spring day: blue skies, fluffy white clouds, neither too warm nor too cold.

The first good thing was discovering, on handing in my prescription order, that the surgery isn't closing until the end of March at the earliest. When it does close, it's going to be moderately to considerably more difficult for me to get to one or other of the remaining two. Fortunately they've extended the route of the 13C bus so that it'll get me nearly all the way to the Bennett's Road surgery – if they hadn't, I'd have ended up needing to take a ridiculous V-shaped route in and out of town again to get there :(

Because I ended up spending a little over ten pounds in Boots, I got a voucher which enabled me to buy a box of Lindt chocolates for 99p. I could have eaten them myself, of course, but I decided to do something nicer with them instead. I wandered over to LUSH to stock up on goodies, and gave the chocolates to the staff for being the wonderful people that they are. I think that made their day! And I got a big hug from Steve as a thank-you (I'd probably have got hugs from the others as well, but they were up to their ears in customers and irritating POS equipment).

The new LUSH stuff is very nice, even if I'm not happy that they're discontinuing a few of my not just favourites, but almost necessities. I think the big winner this time is the ultra-new Mange Too massage bar, which is white chocolate, mango butter and fresh bananas with the vanilla, orange and peppermint Honey Trap flavours. Big, hexagonal, with honeycomb patterning on top. Mrrrrrrrrrr! I also picked up a Romance in a Stone ballistic, which is ultra-citrussy and apparently has a poem inside, and a really really new ballistic called Golden Slumber which is so new it's not even on the website yet! Camomile and lavender my nose says, and a little sprinkle of golden glitter atop. Gold and honey definitely seem to be the current LUSH trend: there's a new massage heart named Love Bug, which has a fairly usual rose/neroli/vanilla scent but is golden and has very fine gold glitter in it – not the usual can-be-scratchy stuff, more like gold dust! Mmmmm, shiny! Anyway, enough LUSHlust! :)

More library books were got, which is good because I was hitting the low-water mark with respect to reading material, plus the latest copies of New Scientist and Fortean Times, and then off to the 99p shop for a couple of packs of their assorted misshaped chocolate biscuits. If I'm not feeling much like eating anything, I can generally manage a chocolate biscuit or two, or three.

A quick hot chocolate at Browns, and then the bus home so that I could call Jus and wish him a good night, and to post this so you can all see that I'm doing at least as well as can be expected.

Oh – I meant to mention this before, but a post by emperor reminded me: the <acronym> tag can be very handy. It lets you do mouseover/tooltips-type stuff. The syntax is: <acronym title="What you want to display in the tooltip">acronym or other text</acronym>. It displays like this. Neat, eh?

Now I think I'm going to make myself a little something to eat, bench-test the Golden Slumber, and attempt the sleep thing.
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