April 14th, 2006


Why do my characters

always insist on becoming more and more interesting?

Someone who should have been merely a background means to an end has sprouted personality, backstory, friends and demands for MORE TEXT DAMMIT!

I'm never going to get to install Oblivion at this rate! :)
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That's coming up for 2500 words, 1300+ done tonight. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!

I'll round the scene off tomorrow and post it. Then Oblivion – if I can get Sam, Serafina and Russell to shut up!

G'night all.

Am not happy

My venlafaxine prescription runs out today.

I took my repeat form into the surgery on Wednesday, giving the requisite two-day notice. The receptionist told me my prescriptions would be ready on Friday. I checked on the surgery door for when the Easter closures would be, and the notice read SURGERY CLOSES ON FRIDAY, REOPENS TUESDAY.

All well and good, I thought. I can pick up my prescriptions on Friday and get them filled.

I got to the surgery this morning and found it closed. I rang the surgery and the answering service said "We are closed for the Easter holiday..."

Thank goodness I can borrow a strip from Karen, or I'd be going into venlafaxine cold-turkey until Tuesday. Venlafaxine withdrawal is notoriously nasty.

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