April 27th, 2006


Someone broke my brain.

Either that, or I had a massive attack of incompetence.

See, when I last went to the shrink, I was given a 'two months' appointment. My appointments are nearly always on Thursdays now, for some reason, so I wrote it up on the calendar for today. Just before I was about to head out to catch the bus, I looked at my appointment card. On the card, it read the 28th, whereas it was marked up as the 27th.

Thank goodness I have the number for reception at the Caludon Centre. I called them to check, and indeed my appointment is for tomorrow.

I can't be getting senile already, can I?
the chao, chaos ahead

To do, to do...

Mostly for reminding myself.

Chase up things for Gary.
Finish unpacking from Whitby.
Upload the good Whitby photos.
Mail Andrew.
Work some more on the next a_hill_of_beans contrib.
Plant the onions and the hellebore.
Replay the Oblivion mission I completely fucked up.
Send Julian Happy Birthday mail.
The letter R for the_lady_lily.
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