June 29th, 2006


Thanks, and a request for recommendations

I'm feeling substantially better today, with less woofing and sneezling and a much more normal temperature. Thank you all for your good wishes; I'm sure that they helped me to recover.

Now, the request. Justin's father has sent him some money for his birthday with the injunction that we use it for dining out. Obviously this is really directed to the Coventry folk, to avoid travelling: where would you recommend to eat in or around Coventry? Both of us are omnivores, with reasonable spice tolerances, though I tend to be moody about fish. And why do you think it's a good place?
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Wom Bat

An Open Letter To Those Without Invisible Disability Or Chronic Illness ...

I posted a link to this three years or so ago, but I'm posting it again. Two reasons: firstly, there are many of you whom I've met since then, and secondly, that these things bear repeating. Oh yes, and thirdly, it can be a lot less hassle to print it out and hand it to people than to have to do the usual explanation by mouth one more time :D

No, I didn't write it. It's by Ricky Buchanan (ricky AT notdoneliving.net), and, just as it says in the letter, there are conditions that apply to distributing or modifying the text. Mail her if you're not sure.

An Open Letter To Those Without Invisible Disability Or Chronic Illness ...

ETA: Yes, before anyone asks, please do repost the link in your own journals, or otherwise get it to people who could use it (or who damn well ought to read it :>) - but, as Ricky says, You may NOT, however, copy it - or parts of it - to put on your own website. If you want to show it to people, put a link to this site instead please. That means your link must be to http://notdoneliving.net/foothold/openletter/id.html and nowhere else.
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