August 12th, 2006

Wom Bat

We're back!

Well, that was certainly a holiday to remember!

Right up until this morning, as we were all setting off home, it had been fairly par for the course: lots of relaxing, eating, playing with the kids, going to look at interesting things, buying books, and so on. Most enjoyable, and just what was needed.

What was not so fun was that as we were driving southwards with rosewonna and Rowan in the back of our car en route to Kendal coach station, we collided at a fair speed with the back of Brian and Mary and Fraser's car as they were turning into a petrol station :(

Everyone was OK, thank goodness. Both cars, I think, are write-offs, and Brian and Mary had their bikes fastened to the back of their car, so you can probably imagine how much of the brunt of the collision those took. My chest's rather sore where the airbag hit it, and Jus may have a touch of whiplash, but really we are as fine as it's possible to be.

We were lucky that several of our other friends were some distance behind us on the same road, because they were a huge help. Huge thanks to the lovely calum and puzzle_ for hugs and support and for helping Phil to ferry a shaken Rowan and Gail to their coach, which they ended up catching on time. Sue and Alex stayed with us until the two vehicle recovery services had arrived and made sure we could destress about what had happened and had sugary drinks for the shock. We really do, I think, have the best friends in the world.

We'll still be doing our best to get to Prague tomorrow lunchtime, but we'll have to see how we're feeling.


I'm amused to find a debate progressing in one of my friends' journal over whether cut is more aesthetically pleasing than uncut...

and they're actually discussing glass whisky decanters :)
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