April 3rd, 2007


How things are right now.

I think I could sum it up in three words: 'not completely good.'

Jus and I are both fine, so no worries there. It's my parents that aren't so good.

To put it briefly: Dad was (belatedly) diagnosed with nasal cancer a couple of weeks ago. Last Thursday he was supposed to have the big initial consultation with the specialists to decide strategy, and Mum was to have the pre-melanotic lesion on her left cheek removed. On Thursday morning, at about 3am, Dad collapsed, so they ambulanced him off to hospital.

Mum's had her surgery and, all being well, has her stitches removed tomorrow. Dad now not only has a urinary tract infection, which was what first hospitalised him, but now apparently has septicaemia — unfortunately Mum doesn't know enough medspeak to have told me anything more than "he has a blood infection and they've put him on another drip." I'll have to ask my sister for more coherent news. Dad's now scheduled for his consultation this Thursday, even if he has to sit there in a wheelchair with a drip stand by his side :)

It's all being handled, but it doesn't look good on the whole. I should be going down to London in a week and a half to see Satyagraha (there aren't many opportunities to see any of Glass's operas staged in the UK), but I'm getting twitchy about being away from home and the telephone at all. Mum is actually coping better than I'd feared (which was not at all), but she's been reliant on Dad for just about everything for the past few years, and he's not going to be in any shape to do much for her for a long while, if ever. If he predeceases her, I can't see her living much longer.

I know, I'm lucky. Many people lose one or both parents much earlier in their lives. But that doesn't seem much of a consolation right now.
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