April 19th, 2007

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Turkish help needed to scratch an itch...

I've recently read Daniel Dennett's Breaking the Spell — a very good and thought-provoking book, if you haven't already read it — and in it he gives an example of a statement which he believes to be true but the factual content of which he knows nothing. He did this by asking a Turkish-speaking friend whom he trusted to provide him with an example of a definitely true statement in Turkish (Dennett knowing no Turkish).

I trust Dennett's explanation, in the same way that (he says) he trusted his friend. Indeed, there is no need to know the content of the Turkish sentence, but I'm curious to know. So: can any of you translate this? "Her insan doğar, yaşar, ve ölür." I hope the accented characters come out OK for you. If not, I could with a little work render the statement into Unicode.

I'm not being lazy; I've tried to find an adequate Turkish-English translation engine on the 'net, but I've been unable to find one.
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