January 7th, 2008


Well, here I go...

"Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully." — Samuel Johnson

Not that I'm going to be hanged, but you know what I mean. With all the best will in the world, hot milk and honey and 20mg of Temazepam, I couldn't sleep last night. The mind just wouldn't turn itself off.

Fortunately I didn't spend the time gloomificating. I have a couple of pages of notes for what may well be a new story. I've already got two of the characters nattering in my head. Then again it may turn out to be nothing; but at least I wasn't running up the walls.

As to the zombie stuff: I've got an offer to do roughs from one of my favourite artists! I'm going to wait and see how he reacts to the story, but I think he may be just the guy for the job.

It's just struck me that one reason I'm reacting badly to the prospect of attending the Acute Day Service is the name. "Willow View". It smacks of the whited sepulchre. Of course, they couldn't get away with calling it "Nuts Я Us", but it reminds me of what they used to call the mortuary at the hospital where my aunt used to work: "Rose Cottage". Indeed you can see willows from "Willow View", and "Rose Cottage" was a converted cottage and had roses growing up the sides, but... meh. I could happily have settled for "Coventry Mental Health Acute Day Service". It does, as they say, exactly what it says on the tin.

I'll post when I get back to let you know how things went. Wish me luck?
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Corn Dolly

Distinctly better than it could have been!

I'm back, and I'm fine.

Jus very kindly took the morning off so that he could drive me to Willow View and hang around in case I needed to beat a hasty retreat. Luckily that wasn't needed! Every time I felt the panic start to rise, I thought of you all wishing me strength, and that really did help.

Things were actually very quiet there: many staff and patients "service users" were off due to the current norovirus/SRSV outbreak. I spent the morning with Gary, giving a seriously detailed medical history (they wanted everything, not just the psych stuff), then we broke for lunch. I said goodbye to Jus, and just as he left, who should appear out of the old hospital building opposite the Willow View entrance but giantpanda, youngatheart, Bethany and Chris? Lots of hugs and "Happy New Year!"s, and then I went back inside for lunch (sandwiches: I had prawns in Marie Rose sauce and rocket). Two large mugs of tea later, and I was about ready to provide the urine sample for my physical examination. I must have eaten more over Christmas than I thought I had, since I've actually put on some weight! Urine normal, bp and pulse normal, BMI nothing to fret about. Then Gary said I could go home if I wanted, since there were too few staff to run the afternoon's group sessions :(

Home I am, enjoying the relaxing effect of a cup of Twining's Calm tea (camomile, redbush, lavender and cocoa bean), by the kindness of the most excellent fascicle. It may sound a bizarre mix, but it really is more than "pleasant" (my general reaction to tisanes), and I also picked up a bottle of reduced-price valerian infusion from Boots. Tonight, I think, I should sleep well.

Now for a session of mild pandiculation, and then to start on Volume 5 of Jenny Nimmo's Children of the Red King series. I have resolved to read them unto the bitter end despite an ever-increasing feeling of same-oldness, which for me set in sharply after Volume 2. Unfortunately I really did like Midnight for Charlie Bone, the opening volume. After that, the inventiveness really did seem to dry up very quickly. Any differing opinions out there?
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