June 13th, 2008


Excellent performance!

I've just got home after last night's Barbican performance of Glass's Waiting for the Barbarians.

It was really very good indeed, and rewarded with plenty of well-deserved applause. My only niggle was that, perhaps because the stage was mostly occupied by the orchestra and chorus, the soloists sang, rather than performed, their parts; since the plot summary in the programme was fairly sketchy, the lack of action meant that it wasn't always clear what was happening in the drama at any particular time or where (the set being definitely minimal - translucent painted and lit drapes) it was taking place.

Good enough, in fact, that I felt it was a real pity that there was to be only one performance - I'd certainly have wanted to see it at least once more. Waiting for the Barbarians just may displace Akhnaten as my favourite Glass opera so far. There is a two-CD recording of the 2006 Amsterdam performance available if you want to give it a listen; Amazon has details here.

Many thanks to mister_jack for the transport to and from, to mrph for being the ticketmeister, and to both of them and jambon_gris for an evening's good company.

And now I'm really weary, so off to bed...
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Opera synopsis

I noticed that the Wikipedia page for Waiting for the Barbarians was lacking a synopsis, so I've cobbled one together here.

If anyone's seen a performance, or has the CD notes or the libretto, and would care to take a look at what I've written and edit it or give me some suggestions (LJ comments or mail), I'd be grateful.
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Mutant Puffins

Missing Dad badly...

I'm really not looking forward to Sunday, Fathers' Day, the first one since he died.

His birthday last year was only a week after his death, so I was still numb. At Christmas I could distract myself with the rest of the family.

Now, with all the Fathers' Day stuff in the shops and on the media, it feels like I'm surrounded by the word 'Father', and it really hurts, not having someone to choose a card for and make a 'phone call to on Sunday.

I'm trying not to be self-indulgent with my feelings of loss, but it's tough.
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