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A day, a day

Jus took the day off work to take the car to the garage to get the hydraulics done. Uh-oh. They declared the poor thing inoperable, so it'll have to be a bodge job. Went to the library and found another M. Didius Falco book I hadn't yet read, so hoopla! At the Co-op, I asked for a half-kilo of cheese, and the assistant cut me a half-pound. Can we please just be magically metricated already? Also made an optician's appointment - my first optical examination since I was eleven or thereabouts.

Katherine's definitely sounding optimistic - but trying not to be too much so, in case - about the Newcastle job. It'll be neat if she does get it, because if she's living there it'll make the perfect staging-post so that I can visit those of you in Scotland. She's also asked if I wouldn't mind being second author on a Cochrane review. *blink* As though I'd mind! that's never a bad thing to have on one's CV.

Coventry/surrounding areas people - anyone have a ladder long enough to reach roof guttering, and the means to transport it to us? our guttering needs attention, and while of course it's possible to hire such things as ladders, I just thought I'd ask in case.

Right. Time to write.

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