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120mg morphine sulphate; 40mg temazepam; 1200mg ibuprofen, and still ow.

It's awfully hard to feel body-positive like this. Then again, I'm stoned enough to talk about stuff.

Following discussions and a show-and-tell with Kate last weekend, I checked with my mother and yes, she did take DES while she was pregnant with me. It's pure curiosity that's made me check up on this, nothing more. It could explain stuff; it may well not; all in all, though, it matters not a whit to me. If she hadn't taken it, I might well have been miscarried (it runs in the female line, though my sister seems to have been spared); she did, and I reached full term and a bit more, too. Minor reconstructive surgery, while no fun when you're a kid, does seem a small price relatively, though I'd be the first to admit I was one of the luckier ones.

*wry laugh* I really do think I'm running short of things to come out about.

Kate, love, thanks for being so brilliantly supportive and making this so talkable about after all.

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