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Most satisfactory

So I've had my first eye test in years, and my vision is excellent according to my optometrist. No spectacles for me. This is quite in accord with what I'd been expecting, but it's pleasing anyway. Apparently I may get somewhat long-sighted as I get older, but it doesn't seem likely that it will be any time soon.

Poor old Jus, being diabetic, got the Full Works - atropine drops to dilate his pupils, the whole shebang, so I ended up steering him to a nearby café to recover his vision sufficiently to drive to work for the afternoon. Toasted triple-decker sandwiches, mud pie for him and a heavenly white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake for me. Yum.

On getting home, I thought I'd have a little nap. Heh. Very strange dreams involving a kind of tag game played with cattle prods, and an odd scene (from which I woke very reluctantly) involving Draco, Harry and a very peculiar motionless ultramarine ocean.

Lunch (well, dinner, it being a Late Tuesday) for Jus was a modification of a Safeway recipe. If he enjoyed it, I'll post the recipe tonight.

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