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Cripes, I must have been tired!

So, yesterday. Got up, did the usual things, checked LJ. Had an AIM convo with gaye_chan, who is excellent, then had to go and do shopping and then visit Bryan and Karen, because it was Karen's birthday.

All well and good. Watched Evolution, which Karen had got on DVD for her b'day. All I can say to that is that it sucked. Still, everyone else enjoyed it, so I suppose it's just that I can't handle films with poor acting, bad plot, weak script, and zero intellectual content.

Home lateish, but not too late as stgpcm's alarm gets him up for work at 6am.


I put him to bed, smooched a while, then I was going to come and do more LJ/AIM hanging out, but Jus asked me to keep him cuddled while he fell asleep. No probs there, but... I wake up. Jus has just woken. It's 7.15am. I'm still dressed, still got my shoes on, even. Eeeeeeep!

Oh well :(

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