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I'm back from Birmingham - great fun with Katherine and Dan and Katherine's ickle brother Rob, to whom I introduced "Mittens and Snowdrop" as he sat in my lap clutching a bottle of vodka and behaving most flirtatiously while I was trying to work with K on her presentation for her Coventry interview on Monday :D

Shall definitely be sending Rob an LJ invite code - watch closely for signs of a Ginger Terror...

LJ is being as slow as a slow thing, so I'll use the opportunity to adjust my sleep patterns by pilling myself silly and trying to sleep through the night, rather than from late morning to late afternoon.

In other coolness, my registration for the Alexander Technique Summer Workshop has come through, so I'll be spending happy stretchy days in Cirencester in early August, thanks to Katherine! Watch me become poised and flexible for Bicon :D

Anyway, I'll see if this posts, and trot off to bed. G'night all, and I'll try to play catchup a bit tomorrow.

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