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83 messages in the inbox! and that's not counting penis enlargement, Viagra, septic tanks or naked Russian schoolgirls.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the drugs I got to sleep in good time last night - and still woke up at 5pm. I need manual override.

Plotness abounds. Much with the l0ff to Jonathan, Stevy, Phnee and Fire. Shall be getting back to you all now the mail is done - ack, remember, Bicon registration form still to be done. Must do that now.

Kate is coming up tomorrow a.m. to deliver printery and disky goodness, and to chat about Bicony things, then I'll be going into town to meet up with Kaffwink and postmortem the interview (I still cannot for the life of me see how the presentation the candidates are asked to do bears any relationship to the job description) and to do bookplannery and stuff. Then I'll hit the library for the books that Shatter recommended, then home for a little domestic goodness until the evening, when it's time to wrap up the Deadlands campaign. It's going to be a busy busy day.

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