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What an utterly cool day!

Started dead early to make sure I was up for when Kate came by. Much coffee, much talk, printery and disky goodness, then off into town to have PM and natter with Kaffwink, with whom I was discussing the person who did Kate's amazing desk, and saying "You should talk with Kate" - when Kate manifests! Much more coffee, nibbles, talk and talk and wonderful talk, then into town to do library thingies, and then my back crapped out :( So waited with Kaffwink while Kate fetched her car, then we dropped Kaffwink off at the train station, and Kate took me back to my house, bless her.

Much drugs. Then to James' for an utterly ripsnorting finale to Deadlands, in which we mocked just about every filmic genre we could think of en passant. Am now home, and going to bed :)

Any time any of you feels grim and useless, remember how blessed I feel in every one of you.

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