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A quick catch-up on yesterday: I got the train over to Birmingham and a taxi to City Hospital, met Katherine, did a shitload of editing on the grant proposal which must be with the PDS by the end of the month, had lunch, did a lot of discussion on how we were going to run the project. Then back to Katherine's to wait for Jus to pick me up, had dinner, came back, made Jus's lunch, went to bed. Pretty good day.

Rather amused by our team neurologist's notion that I should ask for about 900 quid for my part in the upcoming project. Admittedly we're not getting vast quantities of money - 50 thousand - but, given that it's an 18-month project, I expect to be putting in the equivalent of at least one day a week, and that my normal rates are 25 an hour for much less challenging work, I don't think I'm being greedy by thinking that 5000 is a sight nearer the mark, even though I'm utterly delighted to be a part of the team. I think working in the NHS must have done something bad to his brain :)

Mail problems are still extant, AFAIK, so if you've mailed me at home, rather than my webmail address, it's probably bouncing right back at you. If you need to mail me, and it's a short mail (I have 6Mb at Yahoo), try sending it there.

Now, lunch: and then to work.

Hey, superspods: anyone know of a free/cheap search engine/tool I can use to search a set of web pages on CDROM - at least cheap enough so that I can give the tool away on each CD we give away?

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