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Sodding spine rats.

Yep, the rodents are scrabbling around in my back with a vengeance again. I have laid a trail of little pink 20mg Sevredol tabs for them, and when they have finished nibbling them and are spacey I'll whack 'em with a big mallet.

It may sound silly but it hurts so much that if I don't make myself laugh I'll cry, and I'm sick of crying.

The ironic thing was that today I was going to walk to the doc and pick up my repeat scrips and get them filled. I suppose that can wait until tomorrow - it's only my citalopram I'm low on and don't want to withdraw from involuntarily. Sleeping meds I can live without, given enough morphine, and I have enough of that to last me a day or two.

youngatheart called me earlier this morning. She's in hospital again :( and they still don't know what's wrong. They're making MS noises :(( but in good news Christopher is AT LAST off the At Risk register, where he never should have been in the first place. I'm going to try to get to see Tina in the next day or so, because she's bored and lonely in there. I worry about my little adoptive sister - she's been through so much bad stuff, and it never really seems to let up, but she's always got a smile and a hug for me.

If I get the pain under control without too much bad effect, I'll work on Cle's SO! SEXAY!! Hermione/Rita story later. Then tonight I'll team up with Kate (and maybe Jo if she's awake) for some more George/Dean/Seamus - last night's session was so much fun! I'd forgotten how much I enjoy writing with her.

Don't worry, I'll be fine. It's just pain. I'm allowed a little whine for my often infirmities now and again :)

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